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I have reworked this site to try to simplify for the random visitor - The menus to the side are chronologically set out and you will need to scroll down to get the latest updates - For ease I have created a History Box below indicating any new update - Hope you enjoy my ramblings.

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I have owned this car for the last 25 years. I bought it in 1992 as an abandoned wreck but fairly complete, genuine UK CP engined car + overdrive and of course Tax exempt with matching chassis/engine numbers (as verified by heritage).

 I then spent the next 2-3 years completing a full and comprehensive rebuild to what would be described as "show" condition at the time in 1995. Click on the gallery links to the left to see before, during and after photos. In 1997 my career took me to the USA and following two years without the car, I decided that I would ship it out in 1999. While meeting up with and joining Georgia Trimph club I attended and won a first and second in the very competitive owners annual meets - notice that I have a Georgia Triumph Owners club sticker still on the windscreen.
During this time I had the car registered as "UKTR6" note the plate is in the photographs. It did generate quite a lot of interest being RHD and having PI.
Returning to the UK in 2002, I decided no more shows and now use it on a regular basis during the summer months. .
I have a fairly comprehensive history for the car, but for the purposes of this website story, originally white and purchased in London it travelled to Jersey then back to England in 1977, then Scotland where I eventually became the owner. As indicated above I took it to the US and returned in 2002 becoming resident in Buckinghamshire. See the details regarding registrations and also mileage history in the following pages.

I also produced a DVD, which was originally a video tape showing the complete restoration detailing the condition and substantiating the renovation work completed. The earlier photos on this site are all stills taken from the video. All the bodywork, painting and welding work was outsourced to a highly regarded local professional in Aberdeen, Scotland and indeed 20 years after the work was completed I think its a testimony to the quality of work completed.
The mileage shown is completely accurate from the time of the rebuild - the work as you will see was extensive and it came to the point that cost wasn't a consideration - I just wanted to build a very good car at the end of the day with the correct amount of sympathetic updating but not to compromise what was a charismatic old car.

In 2012 I embarked on a 20year on refresh rebuild details of which are also recorded on this website - Its one of those cases where I actually only wanted to get the road springs repainted but have let the project spiral.......It really wasn't necessary !!!

As a New Year resolution, I have decided to try to reorganise this website, making it a little easier to track chronologically and perhaps try something new for 2016 - If you are following I hope you approve.

Happy New Year for 2016