1992-4 - Work

Simple crop (panoramic)

Engine Drive and electrics

New Loom 1994
All electrical components except stalk switchgear
Starter recon
Supplemetary Electric Cooling Fan,manually operated
Engine – All work completed 22 years ago NO repairs required since bar PI system details further on-
Engine rebored and crank reground – Visible from DVD
New Pistons
Fast Road Cam
Engine balanced and decked- It’s very smooth
Big Valve head & slimmed
Rocker shaft and Rockers
Extractor Manifold and s/s exhaust
Timing Chain and tensioner
Oil pump
Oil /Cooler Spin off kit
Clutch /thrust and slave cylinder – Strengthened pin
Gearbox examined and mods made (cannot recall what we did) seem to recall bush change
Overdrive recon unit
Drive shafts replaced last year from Revington
Diff perfect at the time- just replaced oil and seals- now noisy
Alloy Rocker Cover
Battery box
Battery new 2008 - Incorrect rating
Magna spark plug leads
PI System
Prestige Bosche pump system seperate power feed/relay
Metering unit replaced last year -spare unit available unused I think
Distributor replaced 2 years ago –spare unit available
Electronic ignition available- Didnt like it.
New modified PRV- Spare available unused
Injectors – spares available unused I recall
New prestige rose joint Throttle assembly available- Unused bought last year still in packing
Stainless Air filter housing
Small syncro tool for butterfly adjustments
Stainless Injection leads-Think I have spares
Old manifolds for spares available
Interior and cosmetics
Rosewood veneer dashboard
Motlita Steering wheel and gear knob
Seats rebuilt and all leather trim kit
Leather panels
Mohair Hood/Bag and Tonneau cover (unused)
CD player – never use it
Panasport Race alloys – Bought when I was in US – Don't believe these are available in the UK, 16inch dished and beautiful...